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Temple of the Dog - In Memory A New York Minute (Deluxe 2CD) ak320

Complete Name :Temple of the Dog - In Memory A New York Minute (Deluxe 2CD) ak320
Download torrent:    Temple of the Dog - In Memory A New York Minute (Deluxe 2CD) ak320.torrent
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Temple of the Dog - In Memory A New York Minute (Deluxe 2CD) ak320
Temple of the Dog was members of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam who weren’t stars when they first started the project and delivered their sole, eponymous debut in 1991.

The album was ignored, until Soundgarden and Pearl Jam broke big. More straight-up hard rock than grunge it ended up going platinum.
Most fans never though they’d get to see the band, which was a tribute to Andrew Wood, the Mother Love Bone vocalist who died of a heroin overdose at age 24 in 1990. Still,this show was far more than something for Pearl Jam and Soundgarden fans. It turned out to be a great night of music that left those in attendance wondering if Temple of the Dog had made more than just a One Shot in the ’90s..


Disk 1
01. Intro (Man of Golden Words)
02. Say Hello 2 Heaven
03. Wooden Jesus
04. Call Me a Dog.
05. Your Saviour
06. Stardog Champion
07. Stargazer
08. Seasons
09. Jump Into the Fire
10. Four Walled World
11. I'm a Mover
12. Pushin Forward Back
13. Hunger Strike
14. Quicksand.

Disk 2
15. Heartshine
16. River of Deceit
17. Holy Roller
18. Reach Down
19. Encore Break
20. Man of Golden Words
21. Times of Trouble
22. Achilles Last Stand
23. Missing.
24. Fascination Street
25. War Pigs.
26. Encore Break 2
27. All Night Thing

Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Mike McCready, Matt Cameron, and The Voice
Chris Cornell

[size=25]If Depressed Find help, not oblivion its only Right[/size]



Temple of the Dog - In Memory A New York Minute (Deluxe 2CD) ak320
D1 1h11 57/01. Intro (Man of Golden Words).mp35.65 MB
D1 1h11 57/02. Say Hello 2 Heaven.mp316.51 MB
D1 1h11 57/03. Wooden Jesus.mp310.43 MB
D1 1h11 57/04. Call Me a Dog.mp315.85 MB
D1 1h11 57/05. Your Saviour.mp312.71 MB
D1 1h11 57/06. Stardog Champion.mp311.63 MB
D1 1h11 57/07. Stargazer.mp315.45 MB
D1 1h11 57/08. Seasons.mp312.51 MB
D1 1h11 57/09. Jump Into the Fire.mp311.06 MB
D1 1h11 57/10. Four Walled World.mp314.49 MB
D1 1h11 57/11. I'm a Mover.mp38.35 MB
D1 1h11 57/12. Pushin Forward Back.mp312.04 MB
D1 1h11 57/13. Hunger Strike.mp39.72 MB
D1 1h11 57/14. Quicksand.mp310.76 MB
D1 1h11 57/Cover.jpg177.33 kB
D2 1h 10 46/15. Heartshine.mp311.75 MB
D2 1h 10 46/16. River of Deceit.mp312.18 MB
D2 1h 10 46/17. Holy Roller.mp39.09 MB
D2 1h 10 46/18. Reach Down.mp318.99 MB
D2 1h 10 46/19. Encore Break.mp312.05 MB
D2 1h 10 46/20. Man of Golden Words.mp310.30 MB
D2 1h 10 46/21. Times of Trouble.mp314.46 MB
D2 1h 10 46/22. Achilles Last Stand.mp320.97 MB
D2 1h 10 46/23. Missing.mp311.14 MB
D2 1h 10 46/24. Fascination Street.mp38.40 MB
D2 1h 10 46/25. War Pigs.mp316.77 MB
D2 1h 10 46/26. Encore Break 2.mp38.04 MB
D2 1h 10 46/27. All Night Thing.mp310.18 MB
D2 1h 10 46/Cover.jpg177.33 kB
D2 1h 10 46/madison-square-temple of the Dog eastk Back.jpg238.25 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/07TEMPLE1-articleLarge.jpg71.42 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/2016_11_TEMPLEOFTHEDOG-1-620x408.jpg57.60 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/allnitethng.jpg103.27 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/Chris+Cornell+Temple+Dog+Concert+New+York+nltkYnyP3Zjl.jpg63.58 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/Chris+Cornell+Temple+Dog+Concert+New+York+TxgDeIFia0fl.jpg56.11 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/Chris+Cornell+Temple+Dog+Concert+New+YorkMinute ak7l.jpg177.61 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/Chris-Cornell NeYrK.jpg87.48 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/Chris-Cornell-kids.jpg48.52 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/chris-cornell-tori-cornell.jpg421.83 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/chris-cornell.jpg187.70 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/Cover.jpg177.33 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/ext.jpg177.03 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/how.jpg100.95 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/images.jpg14.11 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/madison-square-garden B4.jpg187.00 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/madison-square-garden-2017-billboard-1548.jpg989.73 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/madison-square-garden.jpeg115.19 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/madison-square-garden.jpg181.47 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/madison-square-temple of the Dog east.jpg238.25 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/MSG-Terry2.jpg109.82 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/MSG.jpg350.77 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/on stage CC.jpg97.07 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/pushin4wrd.jpg131.32 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/saint-laurent-arrivals_5128409.jpg58.67 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/soundgarden1989_01.jpg280.22 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/temple-of-the-dog-band.jpg16.54 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/Temple-Of-The-Dog-Crop.jpg1,006.76 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/TemplofDog-msg.jpg291.18 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/TemplofDog-msgbillAK77.jpg199.75 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/TemplofDogX-msgbillAK77.jpg211.43 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/TemplofDogX-NewYork Alt Real KATlAK77.jpg230.13 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/TemplofDogX-NewYork Alt Real lAK77.jpg212.61 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/tmpd_cd23.jpg73.39 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/toosad.png860.40 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/totdmsg-screen-1480x832.jpg89.80 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/uleftthem.jpg86.17 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/w1023.jpg96.20 kB
Images Chris,SG,Toni more/whatwere ya tk.jpg9.09 kB

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