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Phish - 2018-11-02 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV [FLAC]

Complete Name :Phish - 2018-11-02 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV [FLAC]
Download torrent:    Phish - 2018-11-02 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV [FLAC].torrent
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Main Technical Comments

MGM Grand Garden Arena
Las Vegas, NV

Set One
Cavern 5:06
Beauty of My Dreams 3:28
If I Could 8:50
Weigh 6:00
Sand 11:03
Back on the Train 9:31
Martian Monster 5:31
Mercury 24:29
Suzy Greenberg 7:03

Set Two
Soul Planet 16:26
Down with Disease 13:51
Guyute 10:23
Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley 8:39
Light 14:43
Slave to the Traffic Light 11:43

Hold Your Head Up 2:31
Bike 5:06
Hold Your Head Up 5:08
Good Times Bad Times 5:45

If I Could was played for the first time since July 29, 2014 (159 shows). DWD included Oye Como Va teases from Trey and was unfinished. The first HYHU contained a The Final Hurrah quote. Bike was played for the first time since August 4, 2015 (113 shows).



Phish - 2018-11-02 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV [FLAC]
folder.jpg1.44 MB
ph181102d1_01_Cavern.flac31.36 MB
ph181102d1_02_Beauty_of_My_Dreams.flac20.67 MB
ph181102d1_03_If_I_Could.flac47.86 MB
ph181102d1_04_Weigh.flac34.75 MB
ph181102d1_05_Sand.flac68.47 MB
ph181102d1_06_Back_on_the_Train.flac56.88 MB
ph181102d1_07_Martian_Monster.flac31.86 MB
ph181102d1_08_Mercury.flac148.29 MB
ph181102d2_01_Suzy_Greenberg.flac43.34 MB
ph181102d2_02_Soul_Planet.flac99.80 MB
ph181102d2_03_Down_with_Disease.flac83.87 MB
ph181102d2_04_Guyute.flac62.35 MB
ph181102d3_01_Sneakin_Sally_Thru_the_Alley.flac53.76 MB
ph181102d3_02_Light.flac85.77 MB
ph181102d3_03_Slave_to_the_Traffic_Light.flac64.73 MB
ph181102d3_04_Hold_Your_Head_Up.flac13.79 MB
ph181102d3_05_Bike.flac29.29 MB
ph181102d3_06_Hold_Your_Head_Up.flac29.90 MB
ph181102d3_07_Good_Times_Bad_Times.flac37.74 MB
Pics/2018-11-02_01.jpg303.28 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_02.jpg136.53 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_03.jpg213.52 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_04.jpg212.15 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_05.jpg189.48 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_06.jpg186.50 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_07.jpg83.65 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_08.jpg189.20 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_09.jpg129.89 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_10.jpg64.36 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_11.jpg113.08 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_12.jpg111.10 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_13.jpg117.29 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_14.jpg126.21 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_15.jpg135.07 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_16.jpg155.60 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_17.jpg149.15 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_18.jpg198.56 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_19.jpg148.49 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_20.jpg120.69 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_21.jpg128.98 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_22.jpg218.46 kB
Pics/2018-11-02_23.jpg96.61 kB
Poster 1.jpg99.95 kB
Poster 2.jpg223.35 kB
Setlist Artwork.jpg166.98 kB

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