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Phish - 2018-11-01 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV [FLAC]

Complete Name :Phish - 2018-11-01 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV [FLAC]
Download torrent:    Phish - 2018-11-01 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV [FLAC].torrent
Info Hash:58d1cdcb454f047796b0fa556df1604beb1b5599
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Main Technical Comments

MGM Grand Garden Arena
Las Vegas, NV

Set One
Everything's Right 13:25
AC/DC Bag 5:06
Wolfman's Brother 13:04
Nellie Kane 3:04
Funky Bitch 6:48
Chalk Dust Torture 15:53
I Been Around 4:15
Joy 6:15
Walls of the Cave 12:07

Set Two
Blaze On 20:20
No Men In No Man's Land 10:22
Fuego 12:18
Twist 12:36
Prince Caspian 5:29
Twist 1:26
Bouncing Around the Room 3:45
Harry Hood 17:18

Contact 7:04
Rise/Come Together 5:47

Trey teased Jean Pierre in Wolfman’s Brother. Trey teased Third Stone From the Sun in Chalk Dust Torture. Hood contained We Are Come to Outlive Our Brains quotes from Fish.



Phish - 2018-11-01 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV [FLAC]
01 Everything's Right.flac80.10 MB
02 AC-DC Bag.flac30.71 MB
03 Wolfman's Brother.flac76.01 MB
04 Nellie Kane.flac17.89 MB
05 Funky Bitch.flac42.65 MB
06 Chalk Dust Torture.flac99.45 MB
07 I Been Around.flac22.45 MB
08 Joy.flac35.84 MB
09 Walls Of The Cave.flac72.40 MB
10 Blaze On.flac116.61 MB
11 No Men In No Man's Land.flac64.16 MB
12 Fuego.flac72.52 MB
13 Twist.flac72.38 MB
14 Prince Caspian.flac34.51 MB
15 Twist.flac8.58 MB
16 Bouncing Around the Room.flac21.87 MB
17 Harry Hood.flac97.53 MB
18 Contact.flac37.39 MB
19 Rise-Come Together.flac34.39 MB
folder.jpg344.52 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_01.jpg190.71 kB
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Pics/2018-11-01_05.jpg119.57 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_06.jpg138.73 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_07.jpg161.73 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_08.jpg146.72 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_09.jpg163.75 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_10.jpg125.30 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_11.jpg134.64 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_12.jpg101.92 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_13.jpg98.57 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_14.jpg94.49 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_15.jpg90.80 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_16.jpg141.84 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_17.jpg181.43 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_18.jpg97.95 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_19.jpg117.10 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_20.jpg210.76 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_21.jpg235.03 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_22.jpg129.25 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_23.jpg135.44 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_24.jpg127.20 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_25.jpg147.05 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_26.jpg106.58 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_27.jpg124.25 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_28.jpg231.88 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_29.jpg231.88 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_30.jpg146.03 kB
Pics/2018-11-01_31.jpg166.61 kB
Poster 1.jpg99.95 kB
Poster 2.jpg223.35 kB

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