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Packt | Hands-On Java Regular Expressions [FCO]

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Un système d'onglets en javascript
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By: Tomasz Lelek
Released: Saturday, April 27, 2019 [New Release!]
Torrent Contains: 33 Files, 5 Folders
Course Source: https://www.packtpub.com/application-development/hands-java-regular-expressions-video

Use the power of Java Regex to search, edit and manipulate text from scratch

Video Details

ISBN 9781838555900
Course Length 1 hour 48 minutes

Table of Contents


Video Description

Regular expressions (Regex) are specially encoded text strings, which are used as patterns for matching sets of strings. The search pattern can be anything from a simple character, a fixed string, or a complex expression containing special characters describing the pattern. It can also be used to search, edit, and manipulate text.

This course will help you get up and running with Regular expressions in Java 12. You’ll begin with the basics of Regular Expressions (Regex), which covers the topics with a hands-on approach. We’ll also cover the prerequisites required such as JUnit. With the help of practical Java Regex examples, get complete insights into the rules to write regular expressions. You will use regular expressions with String methods and cover Pattern and Matcher for advanced regular expressions.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to master Regular Expressions with Java 12 Regex API.

GitHub link: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Hands-On-Java-Regular-Expressions

Style and Approach

A practical step-by-step hands-on guide for creating regular expressions in Java language.

What You Will Learn

• Use Java Regular Expression Matcher API and Pattern API
• Implement Regex by leveraging the available Pattern Classes
• Creating complex character groups using Capturing Groups
• Make your Regex to match the number of occurrences using Quantifiers
• Leverage Boundary Matchers to match words in a specific place of text
• Solve complex matching problems with Matcher Class Methods
• Create fast and efficient regular expressions


Tomasz Lelek

Tomasz Lelek is a Software Engineer who programs mostly in Java and Scala. He has worked with Spark API and the ML API for the past five years and has production experience in processing petabytes of data.

He is passionate about nearly everything associated with software development and believes that we should always try to consider different solutions and approaches before solving a problem. Recently, he was a speaker at conferences in Poland, Confitura and JDD (Java Developers Day), and the Krakow Scala User Group. He has also conducted a live coding session at Geecon Conference.

He is a co-founder of www.initlearn.com, an e-learning platform that was built with the Java language.

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Packt | Hands-On Java Regular Expressions [FCO]
1 - Getting Started with Java Regular Expressions API/01 - The Course Overview.mp4 (21.89 MB)
1 - Getting Started with Java Regular Expressions API/02 - Setup Prerequisites of the Course - JUnit.mp4 (40.01 MB)
1 - Getting Started with Java Regular Expressions API/03 - Writing Code that Operates on Pattern and Matcher.mp4 (18.01 MB)
1 - Getting Started with Java Regular Expressions API/04 - Matching String Literals.mp4 (12.92 MB)
1 - Getting Started with Java Regular Expressions API/05 - Adding Metacharacters to Regular Expressions.mp4 (17.49 MB)
1 - Getting Started with Java Regular Expressions API/06 - Parameterized Unit Testing Using JUnit.mp4 (16.63 MB)
2 - Using Pattern Classes with Character/07 - Using OR Class in the Regex.mp4 (16.79 MB)
2 - Using Pattern Classes with Character/08 - Negating OR with NOR Class.mp4 (11.75 MB)
2 - Using Pattern Classes with Character/09 - Matching Multiple Characters with Ranges.mp4 (16.10 MB)
2 - Using Pattern Classes with Character/10 - Union and Intersection Class for Matching a Subset of Data.mp4 (11.95 MB)
2 - Using Pattern Classes with Character/11 - Using Predefined Character Classes.mp4 (16.81 MB)
3 - Using Quantifiers with Capturing Groups/12 - Using Quantifiers for Matching a Specific Number of Elements.mp4 (20.37 MB)
3 - Using Quantifiers with Capturing Groups/13 - Creating a Capturing Group to Treat a Group of Characters as a Unit.mp4 (14.53 MB)
3 - Using Quantifiers with Capturing Groups/14 - Repeating Regex Multiple Times.mp4 (15.48 MB)
3 - Using Quantifiers with Capturing Groups/15 - Using Backreference to Solve More Complex Problems.mp4 (18.10 MB)
4 - Boundary Matchers and Pattern Class Methods/16 - Using Boundary Matcher to Match the Beginning and End of the Line.mp4 (14.72 MB)
4 - Boundary Matchers and Pattern Class Methods/17 - Creating Regex with Word Boundary.mp4 (13.59 MB)
4 - Boundary Matchers and Pattern Class Methods/18 - Leveraging Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE and Pattern.CANON_EQ.mp4 (16.62 MB)
4 - Boundary Matchers and Pattern Class Methods/19 - Using Pattern.COMMENTS in the Regex.mp4 (11.41 MB)
4 - Boundary Matchers and Pattern Class Methods/20 - Using Pattern.LITERAL and Pattern.MULTILINE.mp4 (17.88 MB)
5 - Solving Most Complex Problems with Matcher Class Methods/21 - Using Matcher Index for Retrieving Matched Index.mp4 (17.43 MB)
5 - Solving Most Complex Problems with Matcher Class Methods/22 - Leveraging Study Method for Checking the Presence of Elements.mp4 (14.01 MB)
5 - Solving Most Complex Problems with Matcher Class Methods/23 - Replacing Content Using Regex with Replacement Methods.mp4 (17.70 MB)
5 - Solving Most Complex Problems with Matcher Class Methods/24 - Matching Date Format with Regular Expressions.mp4 (96.77 MB)
5 - Solving Most Complex Problems with Matcher Class Methods/25 - Tweaking Regex Performance.mp4 (92.80 MB)
Discuss.FTUForum.com.html (31.89 kB)
FreeCoursesOnline.Me.html (108.30 kB)
FTUForum.com.html (100.44 kB)
How you can help Team-FTU.txt (235.00 B)
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